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We went, it was pretty good even without glasses. I did sixth form art history and probably spent half the year on the Rennaissance, and Michelangelo was/is my favourite from that period so it was meaningful to see the work in the space where he painted them.

I booked an early entrance and we walked straight there via the short route, so we were inside at about 8:05am and it was fairly silent, not many people. Still 50-60, but not packed, and they were all the die-hard fans like me who booked ahead and paid extra to not be surrounded by noisy assholes taking photos and being told off, and talking loudly to one another.

We took the short route out to St Peterís and climbed up the dome straight after, and manage to beat the crowds there too...we were finished by 10:30am by which time there were queues everywhere and people everywhere talking loudly and it was nuts, just NUTS.

It was worth it...even being pretty blind. I would have loved to spend more time everywhere but with a totally uninterested 9 year old who was woken up at 6:00am, it wasnít going to happen. Thatís the way the chips fall I guess.

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