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Originally Posted by teh b0lly!!1 View Post

i've been ALL OVER this song since yesterday. reek's sister.
i just can't get enough of that sophisticated, frankly beautiful songwriting - veiled, almost, by the shiny pure-pop exterior. apparently it was written by lily allen and a professional songwriter/prodigal music badass greg kurstin, who is also responsible for like a zillion other hits by a long list of A-list artists (most of which i don't care for that much, but impressive nonetheless).

the way the chorus modulates between two different keys is so my jam. and it's got the weirdest, most subtly beautiful chord progression, with all these major sevenths and augmented fifths and sixth chords. but like with all the best songs, you would never know it's like that,
because it doesn't force itself on you - only serves the song. that's musicianship. i wish i wrote this song.
I like this...but it made me think of this, which I hardly ever listen to because its so depressing but actually today, it's my track of the day

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