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Default The return of the Smashing Pumpkins Recording Sessions

Hey there. Twenty years ago I first uploaded a text-based file called The Smashing Pumpkins Recording Sessions onto the internet. It attempted to chronicle and categorize all the recording sessions of the band, collect trivia and minutiae and hopefully serve as discussion points for the aforementioned. By the time the band broke up (originally, anyways) the information was given to the spfc, and that was that. I didn't think much of it...

...That is until recently, when the reissue campaigns came out, and I felt a lot of new information was now out there to correct that old information. T&T posted a link to my old file the last week, and it occurred to me: "fuck, I wrote first wrote that twenty years ago???" Since I had also conveniently been binging on the Reissue bonus discs, I guess it seemed like an appropriate time to revisit and revise that old thing. So, I did. And here it is:

While the old one was just a simple late-90s text based file, I chose to make this a wikia so I could 1nclud3 more information on the actual sessions, including interviews, articles, quotes and pictures. There's no new info here probably (unless it's new to you), but hopefully it's an interesting way to collect this information. I'm still making a few tweaks, but I thought I'd just drop it now since it's mostly done.

So there you go.

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