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like a year or so ago there were a bunch of articles where people were outraged about the "trend" of people using their benefits to buy stuff like wild alaskan salmon and organic produce

"these people shouldn't be able to eat better than i do!" and such

so no matter what you do, you'll be in the wrong
they should work on everything classified as "food" regardless of if it is "real" food and absolutely everyone should shut up about how poor people spend their money

the most i ever made in a year was like $13k and I checked out how much i would qualify for and it was like $40 a month
this is not exactly an outrageous amount of money and i also pay taxes which is something a lot of poor people do even though non-poor people like to refer to themselves as "the taxpayers" exclusively
i'm eventually going to be living by myself making a little over a thousand dollars a month that way more than half will have to go to rent and i just wanna buy some damn organic spring mix with my snap card