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Originally Posted by vixnix View Post
If you're going to kill the animal anyway - not just for hedonistic reasons, but for nutrition, too - are you saying it isn't a more ethical decision to treat them in a way they enjoy, before killing them quickly and painlessly, rather than keeping them however is cheapest or most desirable to you, and then killing them without any regard to their suffering?

That seems like a strange and untenable line of argument.
ethics.. ethics... look up at how magical that word is and the connotations behind it. ethic is a intangible thing made up. by tribes of white people.

that makes you feel better. can you not wrap your head around this. your niceness is selfishness. can you not see that one group of people justify doing things one way and another justifies it doing it another and another group of people dont give a fuck because it doesnt matter to them.

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