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i'm okay with killing certain things because i trained my own mind with the help of white people, no doubt, that my guilt and need for survival is worth their hurt and death. being in denial of what you're doing is one thing, embracing it is another. i mean, i've watched that movie "earthlings" hundreds of times and i've been hunting deer and slaughted cows, chickens, goats and sheep. it's a lot of work when you get bloody and have to look at an animal die whether it is painless, quick or not. compartmentalizing that eating wilbur is okay vs foie torture feeding is wrong is fooling yrself because it's all the same means to an end. torture sucks and we've all be brainwashed that that part is okay because they're going to die anyway, me included. i agree with the hippies at the same time. you should wholly embrace the industry of killing and torturing animals if you eat meat because.... SIZZLER BUFFET.

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