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Originally Posted by Pasta of Muppet View Post
I hate this foward thinking shit. Billy has written so much good stuff that he's left to gather dust, probably never to be picked up again. He seems so insistant on working on and releasing the most bollocksy shit he can concieve. It would be neat if he had a look at some of the older stuff he's done this decade, put it on a higher rotate on his repertoire, then come full circle and work on the stuff that he's currently doing.
i sort of agree. i think billy can still write grood new music it just seems that his idea of 'modern music' or 'popular music' is really fucked up.

a lot of the residency songs were good. the bonus part of IAGW with the band playing acoustically was great. billy can write good songs, if anything it is his aesthetic that is lacking. he is trying too hard to make his music sound unique...

if billy recorded an album that was mostly acoustic it would probably be really good. he needs to accept the fact that he is not a rock god, or a trendsetter anymore and just write some good songs.

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