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"I lost faith with Zeitgeist" is closest to how I feel. The Zeitgeist album was pretty mediocre thanks to its super-shitty production values (an all-time low for Billy, which is frightening considering he's the same guy who crafted Siamese Dream, which is one of the best sounding albums I'll ever hear); that being said, the tour that followed was outstanding, all the way up to Jimmy leaving (or should I say, getting fired by an increasingly out of touch asshole). After Jimmy left, it's like Billy completely stopped caring. The gap in quality of his work up until Jimmy left (Superchrist, Gossamer, As Rome Burns) to what we have now (Widow Wake My Mind, misc. boring uninspired wannabe hippie shit) couldn't be any more obvious. As someone who has at times blindly defended Corgan's output in the past, I can't anymore; after Jimmy was fired it's like Billy put up a white flag. He doesn't care that he's now at best mediocre because he seems to know what's best for his "band".

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