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Originally Posted by Bread Regal View Post
if you're going to base your argument on the notion that animal products are nutritionally necessary, i'm living proof that you're an idiot.
I didn't say they were nutritionally necessary - I was a vegan/vegetarian for 7 years in a row, so I know that. But you're an idiot if you think that humans are not evolved to consume animal flesh as a food source. Meat does nourish the human animal. That's why it smells good when it's cooking on an open fire, and tastes good when we're eating it.

How long have you been a vegetarian? And have you ever stayed on farms with animals reared for meat? Have you worked in butchery units?

I know what is involved in putting meat on my plate. It isn't nice. Neither is abortion. We're not nice animals. But we can make decisions about how to lessen our impact on others, and providing animals with pleasant lives, and killing them quickly and painlessly, before eating them, is a way to do that. I know the kind of animal I'm eating and whether or not I could kill it if I had to. I could. That's the nature of who I am - if it comes down to my children and me being nourished, I'll kill the beast and stick it on the fire, no worries.

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