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i do love that george harrison was such an enormously talented individual, but still chose to play a supporting role for who were better songwriters at the time. and he did it admiringly. and, when it was his time to shine (circa Abbey Road) he basically provided the best songs on the record. hard not to have tremendous respect for that.

but on the other hand, as others have stated - lennon is the cool guy pick (and he had the talent of delivering a lyric that tears straight into your heart), but paul f'n mccartney is bar none one of the most accomplished songwriters/musicians ever. his good compositions are simply unparalleled. he thinks in complete sequences of raw timeless melody, not in chords and notes and scales.

it's impossible to really separate the four of them because that's what made them what they were, but if there was ONE person in that band whose talent was a bit more special than the others - it was mccartney.

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