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so I watched Spring Breakers, a movie by Harmony Korine. first time seeing his stuff.
man it really is a mixed bag! the cinematography is great, the color palette gives the entire movie a bubblegum pop summer hit feel. James Franco puts up a pretty great performance as a complete lowlife douchebag small time gangster.

the downsides of it are, it most definitely objectifies women to the point of it not being there for the exploration, but for the exploitation and indulgence of the director.
also the plot is just not strong enough, and even though it tries to be very sophisticated and stylish, it often falls short (though there are some truly brilliant moments on it). at some point he incorporates Everytime by Britney Spears, just the most brilliant choice, it fits with the tone of the movie so profoundly, but it kind of goes to waste because he doesn't know how to hold it down and pace it correctly.

reading a little about Harmony Korine, i gather that what he mainly cares about is conveying a mood and things that are 'outside' the story arc. he says if you're left with an image from the movie stuck in your head, then it's a success.
I guess he totally hit the mark considering where he's coming from, but I think it's an occasionally brilliant, somewhat underbaked film. I will keep an eye out for his next films though

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