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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
Speaking of shitty memories.

I've had this memory forever, where I am in a cage that is set on a wall, and I see my mom on a bed sleeping and I am trapped and I don't know why I can't be with my mom. There is blue light streaming in the room, like it's dawn.

At thanksgiving my mom brought up an event, when I got my tonsils out she was in the hospital with a staph infection and they put us in the same room. I asked her, was I in a crib or something that was on the wall or really high or something? She said, yeah it was a cage and it was just really high. I was 3.

I never knew what to make of this memory. Confirmation is pretty cool. Although fucked up that they put children in cages, apparently.

She also told me that I didn't speak more than single words until I was 3, but I had constant ear infections and she thinks it was because I was mostly deaf. And I had a parasite when I was 1 and it took doctors months to figure out what it was. Apparently I was sick all the time. But I never cried pretty much ever about anything.
I really hate that they use those things. They look awful. They need to come up with something better. I also had a ton of ear infections as a child. I have memories of laying on the sofa real still and the tears rolling down my face it was so painful. :[

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