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Originally Posted by Zer0 Hour View Post
No offense to anyone, but I never understand why Imploding Voice makes so many revised Machina tracklists. I feel like that song was the beginning of Billy’s “repeat one generic line over and over and over again” writing style.
I find the lyrics kinda inspirational and I really love the hook.

Obligatory nod to how nice the acoustic version they played once in Japan is and I wish there were a high quality recording of it.

I have a really hard time cutting anything off a Machina playlist, but there's too much stuff for everything to make the cut, nor should it. The stupid 3-disc version I made was just for purposes of trying to shove everything into a possible narrative order and I recognize it's way too bloated.

If I had to trim it down to one disc, allowing that Glass' Theme is relatively short:

1 Glass' Theme
2 The Imploding Voice
3 Stand Inside Your Love
4 The Sacred + Profane
5 Glass And The Ghost Children
6 Raindrops + Sunshowers
7 Lucky 13
8 Speed Kills
9 Blue Skies Bring Tears
10 The Everlasting Gaze
11 Wound
12 Try
13 In My Body
14 Slow Dawn
15 Home
16 Age Of Innocence

Still doesn't fucking work for me. Feels too truncated.

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