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Originally Posted by enthusaroo View Post
I think Jeff should kick Billy out of The Smashing Pumpkins, and just move forward to make better music for SP fans.

At this point the band would be better off without Billy Corgan. It's hard to say that but it's true.

SP should be: New Singer (maybe a chick.. D'arcy?), Jimmy, James, and Jeff.
The problem is that Billy's vocals have become intolerable. They used to be very emotive and had a lot of range even though they were unconventional but now they're very flat and one dimensional. He's become a 1 trick pony vocally, and he even struggles with that.

Take a song like Quasar, it could potentially sound pretty "edgy" and rocking but he croaks away these corny lyrics with terrible sounding vocals.

I'm honestly surprised he doesn't get more shit for how bad he sounds now. I can't think of many rock stars who've had longevity that just completely changed their singing style and had any success with it.

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