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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
WTF!!?!??! I actually grew up in Stroudsburg PA. It’s a small town, small theater on a typical small town Main Street. I used to go there in high school - it was a run down shit hole theater that hosted local bands, we’d go see our friends play. It was bought and fixed up, but’s something I never in a million years would’ve thought when I bought Gish, SD, PI, MCIS and Adore at the record store a few shops down from Sherman theater, which is still in business, that someday my hero Billy Corgan would actually play a show in my little hometown where I grew up. Surreal.......
Well, shit...maybe he could be convinced to add a date or two to this tour and play a show in New Hampshire, Maine, or ANYWHERE else in New England other than Boston for a change. Big name, small town sell out.

Boston doesn’t even get one show this tour (unless it gets added later), but New York City gets three. WTF indeed.

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