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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
The Pajo angle is way overblown on this forum. Sure, Spiderland is something of a cult classic, but not even the biggest Slint fans were hyped up or creating any buzz about the prospects of him playing guitar for Billy Corgan. Hell, the honest to gods truth is that most Slint fans actually expected the band to suck and were wondering what the hell Pajo was thinking.

You guys are rewriting history in order to serve some sorta narrative. Props to AveryLowen for so thoroughly debunking the Zwan sensationalism that you guys are so oddly pushing. It would be like saying Cheap Trick fans were creating an "indie groundswell" over Tinted Windows... No Cheap Trick fans cared.
Agreed. In fact most of the people who like stuff like Slint and Chavez actually actively disliked Billy. I've known a lot of snooty indie types and they almost always say "Gish, Siamese Dream and Pisces were cool but everything else is garbage". If anything, playing with Billy actually tarnished Pajo's and Sweeney's indie cred.

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