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I can say from last night's concert: he was very successful with the public. He went thru the new songs with almost no talks in between them, only when he brought Katie back to the stage, before playing Santa Fe trail (on which people clapped along), and before a few Ogilala songs (the mandarynne cane to mind, cause I actually think he only played cause someone at the audience requested before).

You could tell half of the people didn't know the non-pumpkins songs at all, but enjoyed them, that is not an easy job (to play unknown songs for over an hour and be successful at it). That kind of venue he was playing helps setting the mood, people few more like they are seeing a play, so they were fairly quiet throughout the songs.

I heard only good things about it. for example this older gentlemen talking in the toilet "it was a grand ol' concert / yeah, I enjoyed it a lot". Billy storytelling was on point (i got a bit emotional when he was talking about Space Boy and his brother Jesse, who inspired the song), you could see people wanted to hear more about it and would be quiet and/or interact with him (the Irish crowd loves a banter)

The audience have him a standing ovation at the end. And he seemed to be very pleased with the whole thing.


The concert was over and a few of us stayed around to talk to Billy. Doug came out to say Billy wouldn't be signing anything or posing for pictures, but he would be happy to talk to everybody and that we could take as many pictures as we wanted. He was in a very good mood, talked to us for 10 or 15 minutes and answered questions before hoping on his van and leaving.

It was a whole experience. And I enjoyed it a lot.

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