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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
Quit projecting on me.

People always use those tactics when this topic comes up ("oh, he must be trolling!"), but I genuinely believe that there simply aren't new bands making rock music that comes anywhere close to the quality of the key groups in the 90's, 80's, 70's and 60's.

There's definitely reasons for this. The dying music industry being the obvious example and the other being that rock is simple out of style. Nonetheless I don't understand how one could argue that current rock is better now than it was in any one of those decades.
There are some good guitar bands here and there. It's just that nobody is paying attention to them and they aren't getting any radio play or social media attention. We live in the viral marketing and meme age in which rap and pop seems to thrive in. Greta Van Fleet is the only rock band in years to get a massive marketing push due to their rich parents and connections. It goes to show that any rock band could be big now if they were relentlessly shoved in peoples faces.

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