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green day and the foo fighters play static setlists for tours, the majority of which consist of hits they've been playing for decades. billy has new songs and entirely different old songs in his setlists every single tour. you think the motherfucker remembers every verse of annie-dog?
Be that as it may, is it too much to ask that an artist who is charging 75$ per ticket prepare and learn the songs he's going to be performing beforehand? It's not as though Corgan is throwing in a few requests and then having to turn to the prompter for a few parts.

And ask yourself this, how much heart and soul can you put into a performance when you're literally reading along as you're singing? It's super weak and displays a lack of pride in his craft. A stageshow is an important part of being a musician and watching a guy up on stage who can't even remember the words? It's bunk to the highest degree.

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