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This is what I am pretty sure is Artemisia vulgaris , mugwort, and a dandelion, Taraxacum officinale the background is fuzzy but there looks to be a raspberry calyx?

Dandelion. You do not have these in many parts of Florida! Welcome to seasonality.

Pinus , pines. I can't identify from here but note their sorta spindly, ragged forms. It can be a tough place to grow, the side of a mountain.

There's no way I could identify this without a heavy book and loupe an lots of patience
This is a member of the Apiaceae. Note the branching from one stem, and then even more branching from each stem, upon which the inflorescence sits. This arrangement is called an umbel. The Apiaceae is also called the Umbelliferae. Within this family are a species like carrots, poison hemlock, parsley, giant hogweed... so definitely always proceed with caution wrt this family.

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