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the first couple record store days were reasonable and enjoyable to share with the other folks in the know. since then the thing has become way out of control. i still maintain that if this was about the record store, they would produce enough copies of the various releases that anyone could walk into the store at 5pm and find what they're looking for instead of having to wait in line for hours just to have a *chance* at one of the 3 copies that record store is allotted, if they got any at all. yes, the limited items get the people in the door, but what good does it do to frustrate those who don't get what they're interested in on the ONE day a year they actually try to shop there?

anyway, like slunken i've built a rapport with a couple local shops who will hook me up with the few things i'm interested in this year, largely because they want to make sure their regular customers have a chance to get what they're hoping for. i'll be dropping off a case of beer for those guys, and then i'll be going to 2 stores who opened just recently and as a result won't have ANY RSD material on hand. i'll be happy to spend my money at those places this year.


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