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Lurker here...

Obtained one of these in the mail today. Wanted to to weigh in.

Listened to it tonight on my any Audio Technica LP-120 w/ A3SE cartridge. Goes through a Pro-Ject pre amp into my Onkyo receiver and out my Definitive Technology book shelf speakers.

To my ears, definitely sounds awesome. Wish we had more information on it. It does sound a smidge different, can’t tell if it is a new rip or just someone tried their own hand at “mastering” the old files we’ve had for years. Noted little cuts at the end of tracks, like the classic, “jungle drummed out” at the end of Lucky 13 is missing. Also, it seems to be a little faster than it is supposed to be, much like one of the early rips circulated back in 2000 was. I adjusted the pitch on the turntable down a little bit to counteract this. I mention this more, as I know some people LIKE that faster rip of Machina and this may be of note to them.

I find the choices of tracks on disc 4 to be curious, would have been rad if whoever assembled this put Arising or other live Machina era tracks on it, but it’s still kinda cool to have a couple Adore demos and the Bowie birthday tracks on vinyl. Beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose.

Glad to have got one. Who knows, if the reissue ever comes out and the new mixes fail to deliver the goods, might be even happier to have this.


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