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Originally Posted by Shadaloo View Post
No, you waste of space. You don't know what you're fucking talking about.

Go back to making up painfully unfunny troll headlines; it's the only thing you're qualified to discuss.
No mate, sorry.

USB anything on a turntable means it's a toy for people who buy vinyl because it's cool. Fact. No one makes good turntables with USB, it's just not done.

Best case scenario you spent ~$400 on a Project Carbon USB and then bought an external preamp and spent another ~$200 or so upgrading the stylus and cartridge.. but if you're going to do that then you wouldn't have bought a turntable with USB in the first place.

You're simply not qualified to talk about sound quality. It's really silly and irresponsible to say that this bootleg sounds better than the digital downloads it was sourced from. It's 1. impossible and 2. if it were possible your toy turntable wouldn't track well enough for you to hear the magic anyway. Some poor kid is going to read your guff and end up spending $400 for this bootleg thinking they're getting something good when really you're just trying to justify how much you spent.

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