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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
If you actually get a kindle, or whatever the hell they're called, they have a lighting feature where the screen looks dull with no glow on the screen and it actually looks like a piece of paper in a book.

The only thing that concerns me is that if books become mostly digital like music, then they'll just be ripped and publishers will put out less and less content meaning there will be less interesting things to read. I get the majority of my reading content from libraries because ordering in books is so convenient nowadays, but I don't see how libraries can stick around if they don't offer books. I suppose they'll just be a hub with internet access, room to study and that sorta shit.
it'll go to a university model, probably. instead of paying for individual books you pay the publisher for access to their books. just like universities pay for access to journals so their students have access to all the articles. libraries will pay for subscriptions to publishing companies and you'll be able to 'rent' books that way

just a possibility. it still presents the problem of how exactly writers get paid, i guess the pub company would have to pay them based on how much their book is accessed or something. but academics don't generally get paid for publishing so journals dont have to worry about that

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