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pretty much. that's the cool thing. make it to your mood. I've learned to make sambals as well, then i use that to fry the rice in. less oil. healthier. tasty as fuck. i think my new favorite thing is fried noodles. another endless options dish and so simple once you get it down.

i've never been crazy about yellow or green curries. some are nice but I'm down for masala and coconut most of the time.
i haven't moved to noodles yet but am looking to soon. masala and jalfreezi are great don't get me wrong but i'm definitely more of a korma/mango/yellow/green man myself.

it probably has more to do with my vegetable choices than anything. but yea i've been eating variations of this dish daily for almost half a year now and haven't grown sick of it in the slightest. soo many veggies and soo many sauces to choose from.

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