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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
great zeitgeist songs:

good zeitgeist songs:
bleeding the orchid
ma belle
death from above

almost good songs:
united states
that's the way

god and country - i kinda like it but the lyrics completely ruin it. and that says a lot for a corgan song
bring the light - a guitar solo is not a song
come on let's go
seven shades of black

those last two are not like oh my god terrible but they have no meat at all

favorite song is death from above and yes i will fight you about it when you say it's the worst song ever. there are a few who understand, though. #teamdeathfromabove

c'mon we're due a ratings thread aren't we?

we had a listening party a few months ago and i like the album a lot more than i used to. it's still like a C+ album but ya know. once in a while i'll go ham on some work while having it on in the background. it's that kinda record. very little emotional pull. stellar and pomp only. i bet it would be decent while running

Move 7 shades of Black up into being the one ‘great’ song and I’m on board with this.

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