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Thanks for the reaction from you guys to what I wrote. Yesterday was kind of a rough day for me, especially realizing that I'll never go to a Pumpkins show again after what he said, and I'd planned on going later this month. He lost a lifelong fan with that, somebody who actually did support his music and shows, contrary to what he said. I just wasn't a sycophant.

But when I think about it more, like what you guys said, he just sounds ridiculous. He's a 52-year old multimillionaire writing that stuff about some guy in his 20's he does not know? It's one thing to mock the site like you guys said, it's another to say what he did on a personal attack level, especially with what he says all the time about bullying and social media. If he keeps going after me though, I'll just keep linking to anti-bullying and mental health websites. Not going to get into that kind of negative back and forth. He can wallow in that himself.

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