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Originally Posted by flashpapr View Post
I can't find any info on it on google, other than this thread and it's not listed on the spfc... or found on zomb...

Most of the tracks on this Virgin inhouse promo tape were put on Pisces Iscariot, and were used on Siamese Dreamís CD- and Vinyl singles like Today and Cherub Rock. Whirl was renamed to Whir, Apathy turned to Apathyís Last Kiss, Purr Shnickety is a misspelling of Purr Snickety and Kitty Kat became Hello Kitty Kat. Also Bedazzeled is a misspelling of Bedazzled. Only for this reason of misspellings and renaming the tape is already very interesting. Research however proved that the 2 Kitty Kat tracks and the 2 Blew Away tracks are exactly the sameÖ Dating this tape is a bit hard as it contains the fully mastered tracks, which was possibly not the case yet around 1993/05/??. Maybe only around or after 1994/10/?? they were all mastered, thatís for sure. It remains a 1 of a kind curiosity however.

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