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Only God Forgives

i shouldn't really post a seperate "review" for this, because i could just copy-paste most of what i wrote about Lost River, which was also, coincidentally, a Gosling effort. i wanted to watch this one because i kinda liked the dark stylishness of Drive, also a film by Refn (starring... err... ryan gosling... no bro crush, i swear)

anyway get a load of this. Refn has gone on record stating that this film is a "thriller produced as a western, all in the far east, with a modern cowboy hero". that says it all, really. it's like a parody on a particularly self indulgent Tarantino quote.

like in Lost River, the basic story for this film is a very plain and even generic story (gosling's bro gets murdered, family seeks revenge), that tries to find it's merit and unique "voice" through intentionally obtuse presentation and storytelling choices. it prides itself on being "STRANGE" instead of having it happen naturally, or because it needs to.

more than anything else, it just feels like a construct that was made as to enable Refn to stitch together some visual ideas and half-baked characters, into a story that doesn't really make sense. as a film, it is based on a whole lot of assuming that the audience will "get it" (a common trait in overly self absorbed films, i find). but it falls short, because its inner logic and idiosyncrasies is not something that just presents itself to the viewer. 8 times out of 10, if you need to read about a movie to get what it was going for, that means it failed. and this one isn't in the 2/10.

also, it doesn't really have any justification as seperate piece, and even more so, as a follow up to Drive. it's basically the same film, just much more obscure and disjointed. specifically, the character gosling plays in both is virtually the same. he kind of aspires to be this modern era clint eastwood, this cold ass dude with hyper-swagger, but he just don't have that going for him. he looks too much like a hollywood boy. not a very good actor. i'm not buying him being some crime lord. fuck that.

but i mean, despite all that, you can tell Refn is good at what he does. those shots he gets ARE beautiful. the surreal-ness of it IS, at times, compelling (or at least interesting). he essentially goes for an arthouse, avant-garde kind of deal, i guess, so perhaps it is my own wish for a more coherent narrative that is misplaced. you can't listen to an indie record and blame it for not being post punk enough, right. you do have to admire the dude's boldness, though. he welds pretty hard violence, surreal dreamscape, odd pacing, and bizzare filmmaking choices in a way that oozes confidence, and integrity. he doesn't try to be accessible. i can't say it made for an enjoyable watching experience, but at least it's not a TMNT remake (post punk lol). well at this point this is probably one of those endless walls of text forever floating about in the infinite space of the internet, that nobody is ever going to read all the way through. it's kinda nice being all by myself up here. hello----hello---hello. netphoria has been really sad for a while now and barely anyone is posting at all and i'm kinda wondering what it's going to be like not having this place anymore once it shuts down. should i just quit. i probably should. i'll miss this place tho. fuckknuckle. 这******************影******************喜欢。

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