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Originally Posted by Woody View Post
Act II - wow thatís a laborious listen.

The reality is 50% of Machina 1&2 is just not good. Most of the heavier tracks specifically. Both versions of BSBT are trash.

I recently put together what I consider the definitive one-disc Machina tracklist. Itís what Machina needed to be, to achieve any sort of commercial success - it disregards any sort of the pretentious ďnarrative mysteryĒ bullshit, turning it into their second-best album outside MCIS. Iím going to post it with itís own artwork to great fanfare when I can be bothered.
There's 3 though - sln used the version on the FAEOMM tape. That seems to be the one most people prefer, the Arising version. I tend to think Bill put the one he did onto MI because it was all trippy and dreamlike in nature.

Between the musical climate of the time, the album's overall sound and Bill's lofty aspirations to have it be a full-on rock opera, I don't think there was any real way it would have not tanked.

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