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Neither have I. But my gf has a picture of her singing with Joe strummer so I think she makes me win just by proxy. She hung out with him a few times a few years before he died. She also hung out with Carl Barat of The Libertines and he wore a jacket she made on Letterman. That probably also makes me two degrees removed from Kevin Bacon or something.

But me? Me i'm just a loser who never met anyone famous. I've always been the guy that knows a guy/girl.

Ok wait i've been friend (not that close but more than just acquaintance) with someone who won Cesar for best new actor. That's the French Oscars. Is that considered famous enough? That was right before he got really famous here. Nobody knew him and then bam. And then well, I didn't know him anymore after that cause he had a career... But it's not like he's known in the states. He had a bit part in a Oliver Stone movie there and that's about it but he's a lead in France and here.

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