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Wow - only on netphoria you will find people complain about something free & work that no one else bothered to do in the last 17 years. If you look at Andrea's body of work (, you will see that it is highly processed and saturated. This is how he wanted the photograph to look like.

Here is the unedited 6400 px wide & 35 MB file:

If any of you feel that you can do a better job restoring the picture, I would be more than glad to upload that version.

No offense meant. To each their own. I just think the unedited file looks a lot better than the final version. There isn't much you can do here other than fixing the white blemishes and changing the contrast and saturation very slightly. It actually looks really good if you simply downsize the image to a more reasonable resolution, instead of trying to keep it hi-res and smoothing out all details.

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