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Red face

Originally Posted by yo soy el mejor View Post
so misogynist, degraded bullshit is fine when you say it? if someone else says it, you're all the sudden a precious champion of women everywhere. puhlease.
Lol, I can't say anything anymore.
Even making a silly joke or trying to participate in any conversation is an invitation for some dimwitted idiot like the one quoted above to nitpick everything I say in an attempt to point their finger and assert their "superiority".

It's even worse because they are constantly just reaching for it with no regard for context and it only reveals they barely skim my posts just to try and attack me for whatever they can misconstrue or make gaslighting comments about it.

This is pointless and tiring especially considering how little enjoyment I get from posting here.
This insular community is filled with insecure navel gazing cretins who are forever stuck in a teenager mentality.

Fuck this place.

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