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Hi Kids!

I really appreciate billys try to make an acoustic album. - i always loved the acoustic,ballad kind of billy songs.
I dig the new album.
Why are so many people annoyed and full of diss? They still want bill to make siamese 2.
He is an artist and does what he wants. God bless that bill is not metallica or pearl jam who make the same albums for over 20 years again and again.

and those who wish it to be a tfe2 -i tell ya: tfe was bad, got bad reviews and is really hated by most pumpkin fans. ok monuments was low, oceania low, zeitgeist low, but ogilala is refreshing

the guy is 50 - do you expect him to sing about depression, suicide and loneliness like in 1995 - he grew up

so if you are fans - critisize, but dont be lame and tinker on the vibrato, mix or whatever.

sure, his singing style changed - thats because he didnt like his old style, i guess - he will never sing like bowie, but when i listen to zowie´s end i must laugh, because rubin and billy left the singing mistake right on the album...that´s cool

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