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Did I mention the "In The City" single? That was the first official release with Ruth and apparently the first one she sang.

The Healer/Witness 12" was just Adam and Johnny and the first indication of what their sound developed into. There's also an outtakes CDR from that session called "The Unreleased TMU Sessions" or something like that. From 2005. It's on YT.

There also were/are a bunch of unreleased songs available on Johnny's SoundCloud (IDK if they're there anymore) and a lot of the stuff available on soundtracks are different versions of the originals even though they're not labeled as such.

I have a giant .txt file compiling all the info but it's really boring. It's not uncommon for Chromatics to have 5 versions of the same song. SP vibes in that regard.

That being said, they really shit the bed the past few years. I blame appointing Megan as head of the label. Don't get me started.

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