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Originally posted by Knight0440
Do you even read the stuff you link to?

The PCA expressly applies only to the Army and Air Force. Congress did not mention the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or National Guard in the PCA; accordingly, the PCA does not limit them. . . Additionally, the PCA only applies to forces in federal service, and therefore, the National Guard is not limited by the PCA in its normal status of state service. Because the National Guard is the modern militia, this distinction actually follows the intent of the PCA, which was not meant to limit militias
Oh wait, yer corganist, the greasy kid who just sits around in his undies debating people online cause he has no fucking clue about the real world and no drive to get involved in anything outside of his room.
No, I'm the person who knows better than to do anything except jump when a police officer with a gun or a dog says "frog." The difference between me and you is that I'm not willing to do something stupid like thumbing my nose at law enforcement just to say that I'm doing something. There are a lot better ways to stick it to the man than sticking your head in a police dog's mouth out of principle. Lawsuits are generally much less painful. Do what the officer says, I say.There's always time to complain later.

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