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Originally posted by MadManMead
From the article:

Ha. What a joke. "Rave" is synonymous with "illegal drug party." How could anyone possibly bear that awful music without being loaded?

I sympathize with anyone who is mistreated by the police. However, I didn't see the police do anything inappropriate on that video, so it is the ravers' word against the cops. Sadly I will have to side with the cops on this one.

- Dave
Your ignorance is the rankest i've seen on netphoria in a while... have you ever been to a rave? Every single Rave I've been to was 100% LEGALLY thrown, none of them were broken up by police because they were all legal and guess what most people go sober.

Originally posted by Corganist
Its pretty clear that this was not some poor innocent bystander.
How do you conclude such? were you there? do you know this, with what proof. Your posts are just towers of assumptions and labels teetering in the wind.

Originally posted by Corganist
Free assembly doesn't mean "go anywhere you want and mill around."
here you go again... the property was private and legally permitted the party, why would the promoters be filing a lawsuit if it was illegally thrown that wouldn't make any sense. nor is there any proof from the police or military or whoever it was (still seemingly unknown which is another thing that should make people more than puzzled) that they witnessed such acts, i guess with their binoculars on the helicopters they could see that people were taking drugs and minors were having sex, still no evidence of such.

Originally posted by Corganist
You have a bunch of partying college kids and a handful of professional officers. Think what you will of cops, but they come off way more credible here. The promoters might have had some kind of permit...but it wasn't what they needed apparently.
Presumptuous labels, how do you know that all of the people at the party were college kids, maybe they were mostly in their 50's trying to get away from their college kids.

I love how so many of you openly criticize a facet of culture you are far too sheltered even to begin to understand, let alone experience.

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