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Originally Posted by Bread Regal View Post
denver is basically run by rent-seekers. my 650 sqft 2/1 apartment with weird low frequency hums is $1300. heard a statistic on the radio that only 1/3 of housing starts in the denver metro area are valued at less than $400k.

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holy shit. our apartment is ~1300 sq ft. and about what you pay. it's a block with black people and handful of handful of latinos and lots of homeowners so anyone who rents has their money go a long way cause racists/people with money don't want to be around us. that's a good thing. and our neighbors are friendlier than in other neighborhood we've lived.

really not looking forward to the first coffee shop. but i could go for a grocery store or at least a sundries shop. local cvs closed down (after the company got the only other pharmacy to close) after a few short months...the pieces of shit.

our pad would cost over $2,700+ easy in a "diverse" white neighborhood, but you're only paying for the manicured landscaping and hipster or snob vibez

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