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Originally Posted by pavementtune View Post
that's honestly great to hear, how long have you been completely sober, have you gotten to 3 months with zero alcohol yet? congrats!

as for crippling debt: a highschool diploma will cost you what, 200 bucks for the exam?
it's no a sign of IQ or anything else, it's simply in 99% of the cases the only way to find a job that pays halfway decent. no hr department gives a single shit what books you have read.

once you get into your 40ies and 50ies, how do you see yourself getting a job that pays above minimum wage without a highschool diploma? I take it you have no plans to ever have family then? not even a family of 2 - as in a partner, a home that is big enough for 2, nothing?
On my resume I say that I have a high-school education. No one's ever checked and I don't think they ever will. It's not something that is of a big concern to companies when you reach adulthood.

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