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you don't need to hate fat people, fuzzy. we already hate ourselves enough.

here's my fat person story:

i've always been overweight, even when i was an athlete until high school. i had IBS bad and didn't eat much. but I was always overweight dipping into obese until i was about 22.
at about 22 my depression got super bad. i was never a big eater but i ate very little. i lost about 30 lbs. i was like 180, still. now i know this was probably due to undiagnosed hypothyroidism, which has since been diagnosed. there was absolutely no reason i should have been overweight.

around 26 years old (2010) i started feeling somewhat better and all of a sudden, for the first time in my life, i didn't have the shits after every meal and things started tasting good. i also stopped using hard drugs at this point, but i still smoked a ton of weed. i gained like 100lbs in the next two years, i was like 300 lbs

at this point i freaked out and started eating perfectly, tons of salad, lean meat, just a perfect lower-calorie diet with a shit ton of vegetables. i lost about 50 lbs and i felt fucking awesome. my depression was in remission, too. so now it's mid-2012, when i moved into this apartment

since 2012 i've gained about 150 lbs. yes, 150. obviously i'm addicted to food. but when you read about eating disorders it's mostly obsession over food, when and what the next meal will (or won't) be, etc. i don't really do that. i just eat whatever. and for a while, when i was less depressed, i still put some effort into preparing food. sometime in the past few years i lost that will completely and i almost never cook anything. thus, the weight. i eat prepared things and don't cook anything or even really put ingredients together besides maybe a sandwich. and this is the result.

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