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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
I do believe in god. I simply think religions are mans best way to try and describe the spiritual forces that are prevalent in existence .

I'm a good person though. My main problem is that society is getting too soft. You have these crying centers for students upset about a Republican president winning an election and these people are gonna wilt the second life shits on em. The worlds a stone-cold place. I don't see the sense in pretending it's not and catering to some utopia mindset that isn't based in reality.

In most cases, being fat is a sign of weakness. It shows a lack of impulse control or shows that someone is simply lazy. Either way, it shows a lack of self awareness or lack of self discipline in a person which at the least is a sign of ones character flaws. That's totally fine though. We're all flawed beings, but we need to be frank about reality. No need to sugar coat things.
You choose to be fucking stupid though, no need to sugar coat things

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