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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
I do believe in god. I simply think religions are mans best way to try and describe the spiritual forces that are prevalent in existence .

I'm a good person though. My main problem is that society is getting too soft. You have these crying centers for students upset about a Republican president winning an election and these people are gonna wilt the second life shits on em. The worlds a stone-cold place. I don't see the sense in pretending it's not and catering to some utopia mindset that isn't based in reality.

In most cases, being fat is a sign of weakness. It shows a lack of impulse control or shows that someone is simply lazy. Either way, it shows a lack of self awareness or lack of self discipline in a person which at the least is a sign of ones character flaws. That's totally fine though. We're all flawed beings, but we need to be frank about reality. No need to sugar coat things.
you are not a good person

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