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i have no clue about the lineage of any of these shows other than what i got from Joshua's list that i copied word for word how he listed them and graded them. i guess all i can do is transfer them and see if they sound better than what's out there right now. i would assume that these were all tape to tape copies and the gen info is what tape gen they are, not copies from CD or CDR.

so for the ana to digi conversion, you would recommend waiting until i get a receiver that has a digital out to my digital in on my soundcard and not just going RCAs to the soundcard? it may be some time before i can do that, but i definitely don't want to transfer these shows twice. so, if the best thing to do is to hold on to these and wait until i have a better ana to digi setup, i'm all for it. i just hope i have the time to do it then. that's usually how it goes, when you have money you don't have time, and when you have time you don't have money

just know that since i'm not into trading anymore, i'll be happy to put up what i've got on archive when the time is right. no sense in holding on to this stuff anymore. i may inquire about a few shows that i once had on CDR that seem to have degraded some that i would like to get again if anyone wants to supply me with or let me know where they can be downloaded from, didn't see them on archive. 1993-07-30 iowa city, 1994-07-12 st. paul?, 1996-10-26 moline, 1994-03-25 davenport.


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