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Originally Posted by Tchocky View Post
I never said Ron Paul was a fundy (though this article makes the claim that he is in fact a Dominionist). Iím saying that the problem is his "leave cases such as the states" mantra plays right into the hands of the fundys.

For example, not too long ago I remember seeing a map of the U.S. that showed how many states would immediately instigate and likely pass anti-abortion laws if Roe v. Wade was overtured, and it was a sizeable chunk of it. What Ron Paul is proposing would effectively make Roe v. Wade worthless. Like I said earlier in this thread, I do not want to see the prejudices of the Christian Right to become the law of the majority of the U.S., and I'm sure many other Americans out there do not as well. Therefore, the We The People Act must not be passed. And yes, I am aware that not all anti-abortion advocates are from the fundamentalist right, but the fact is, they are the driving force behind the movement.
Basically your argument boils down to "we can't let people vote on these issues, because the side I support might not win." It may be a shocker to you, but the votes of the fundamentalist right count just as much as yours. Or at least they would if the Supreme Court didn't hand down poorly reasoned, legally bankrupt edicts from on high that shift the balance of power inordinately towards the secularist left. All Paul's act is meant to do is even the playing field back to where it's supposed to be. Sure, sometimes what the majority wants isn't going to be the right thing legally, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the federal courts should used preemptively to try and thwart any majority decision that you don't like.

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