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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
No, guns have been getting easier and easier to get as time goes on. Thanks, NRA.

It is obviously not the gun's fault, but if these people couldn't get guns their body counts would be much lower.

It's gun availability and the large amount of events causing at-risk people to think they could really do shooting.
I don't disagree with this. I think it's astonishing that there isn't more of a screening process involved and I'd like to see that be implemented... But I think if you blame the guns that you're missing the bigger picture.

There's a spiritual deficit that has occurred with the fast-paced life with the "internet"... People haven't had time to examine the side affects of such a rapid increase in the way people live their lives... I knew tons of disturbed kids sprouting with anger growing up, hell I was one myself... We never thought of going and slaying innocent people. I could have easily got access to weaponry in my own house, it never crossed my mind in the slightest way.

There's a change... And unless you address that, violent crimes will continue to uptick regardless of the weapons available

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