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Originally Posted by Catherine Wheel View Post
the bottom line is reprise is wasting her time on here. I support her trying to get an education but she tries to befriend and reason with people on here and that's pointless. She should concentrate all of her energy on school and not any of it on socializing here. I hope people see this tool as something that can actually be beneficial. Netphoria actually serves a purpose as test subjects. but not really for anything else. there is too much depravity and chaos and nihilism here.
yeah befriending people and socializing is completely pointless.

i love how you think netphoria has no purpose but you, in your beneficence, offer it a purpose with your completely unscientific, arational, pointless test that personifies all that people see as wrong with psychology

look, i'm not an expert in scientific research. but compared to you, i'm a savant. i've actually almost completed (in my last semester) an honors psychology degree, done research that contributed to publications in peer reviewed scientific journals, and learned about validity, reliability, statistics, and research methods. i'm writing an undergraduate honors thesis that will be 15,000 words. i'm not trying to brag whatsoever. what i've done doesn't qualify me to make any kind of test that has any merit or should be taken as a serious tool. that requires decades of research. you are delusional and i don't say that lightly. i don't think you should never work on this kind of thing and try to make something interesting. but to act like it is something serious that will revolutionalize psychology or make you any money is completely out of touch with reality.

having this conversation over and over with you is pointless and probably not healthy for me, so i'm done. i take this personally because it makes my field look like a complete joke. netphoria is not worthless and people here make positive connections with each other. it can also be unhealthy at times, like for example this entire thing. but it has been overwhelmingly a positive force in my life. you thinking you have some sort of expert knowledge of how i relate to netphoria and what is good or isn't good for me is, once again, offensive.

i wish you luck in all your endeavors except this one

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