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Jesse Miller
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You guys are all dorks....

Dave Grohl - No really. Why do the Foo Fighters suck now? Because of Taylor Hawkins, that fucking prick. FUCK YOU!!!! "Hi, my name is Dave Grohl. I'm one of the best drumemrs of the 90s, but I'm gonna let *some other guy* drum for my band instead of me! What great idea!!!"

Tim "Herb" Alexander - The original drummer for Primus... Wait, wasn't that Jay Lane? OK, Herb was the drumemr on Suck On This through Punchbowl. Large ammounts of awesome. And they replaced him with another great drummer, Brian "Brain" Mantia, who now plays in Gun & Roses (tee hee hee).

Tre Cool - Yep. He's fat now, though. Maybe he'll drive a Rolls Royce into a pool and then die.

Joey Waronker - Becktabulous?

Darren Jessee - From Ben Folds Five. Per my other thread, I just picked up the first record and then went back and listened to Amen and Messner, and wow! That guy was good!

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