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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
You'll do it. I'll prob end up with less than a 4.0. I just have to get one A- and it'll be gone. That's exceedingly likely, especially in classes like Cognition where a 92 is an A-. It's not even the hard classes that usually worry me, just the ones with perfectionist professors who do the high A-. A lot of profs do A from 90-100 and then A- from like 87-89, but not these douchebags. Actually they're not douchebags, probably just former 4.0 students themselves.

People do get impressed when they hear it and I'll admit I do drop it as a humblebrag sometimes. But in the end, it'll get me 3 greek words on my diploma and some extra cords to wear around my neck and possibly later hang myself with.
Yeah that is high...85% for an A+ seems low, I agree. They seem just as hard to earn, though. In arts, at my uni, any grade over 90% signifies material that either wholly or in part, is considered publishable.

My highest mark is 88%, and obviously wanting to be a working writer, I want to come in at 90 something % every time. But, not yet.

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