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I was going to discuss something but... now I think my problems are miniscule in comparison. All I can say is... the past three times, I've gone out on a date, or get into a discussion about my having ms, they either cancel before we go out, or, go out, then not call again. It's like, they're all excited to go out with me, but once they find out I lose my vision on occasion or, deal with pain, they disappear. I guess they don't want to deal with that. I had a guy ask me repeatedly at work if I would go for a drink....then I finally agree to it. He overheard me talking to one of my coworkers about my ms, he sort of walked in and said "I didn't know you had that"... then the next day he says he has to cancel the date and hasn't spoken to me since. It feels really strange to do whatever you can to not allow something to define you or stop you from living, but then a few people remind you that you have something they don't want to deal with. Or at least it seems that way. Either way, I'm not complaining, I feel pretty lucky... and things are alright.
that's weird they would be bothered by ms and not the kid
just knowing how dudes react to stuff
it's not that extreme a disease
i mean in the grand scheme of things, not to diminish anyone's problems
at least it generally advances slowly and sometimes not at all

like i deal with a bunch of ms problems and i had to get a ton of tests when it started and i did have a similar lesion on my brain
i get vertigo when i walk around and numbness in my left arm
it's not fun stuff but i figured if it kept progressing there were probably more terrible things

but anyway now that i successfully worked myself in there to satiate my narcissm do people just not have any idea what ms is
do they think it's some sort of contagious immediate death sentence