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Originally Posted by Bread Regal View Post
fuck you.

you really have no right to be sanctimonious about the force feeding of animals when you're perfectly fine with killing them and eating them "humanely".

you fucking idiot.
count me in as an idiot.

My problem isn't with killing, its with torture, mistreatement, etc

Keeping animals in absolutely humane conditions and then killing them. Fine. Killing has always been part of living. It is for us, it is for carnivorous animals, i can deal with that.

The problem of course is that if you're going for mass production, realistically that's not really possible to do this in completely ethical and humane conditions. I'm sure i'd find the conditions in ethical farms lacking even. So this is why i'd just rather altogether forget about it. But technically its not the murder i have a problem with, its everything leading up to it.

I think basically the only time where eating meat/dairy/eggs was done in the best ethical and humane conditions was when people raised cattle, chickens etc for their own person needs. When you're trying to have farms that raises and kills hundreds (or produces hundreds of liters of milk or thousands of eggs) a day, it can't possibly be done humanely i don't think or at least, the risk is too high that its not being done properly.

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